Glass Insulators

Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”

At one point glass insulators served as target practice for the poor hunter who missed his prey. Today we find the glass insulators in antiques and vintage stores. They are still many uses for them other than target practice. Here are some ideas that I have borrowed (stolen) on the internet.

From the Eclectic Barn:

Tea Lite Holders

The second tea lite holder is made with a old spring from a mattress

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Glass Insulators Pendant Lights

Can’t remember where I took this one. It could be a little harder to drill a hole in the glass. Found it!



Antiques and vintage are part of our heritage. There are so may ways to incorporate them in our daily lives. From old doors to barn wood and much  much more. I will be stealing for this blog some ideas taken from: He doesn’t mind as long as it helps to divert quality materials from land fill sites.” Please feel free to steal our ideas, promote your business, and raise awareness. We hope your business prospers, and you rescue massive amounts of materials from waste. Thank you”. Derrick

I will also use other websites thats meets the purpose of this blog. Preserving the past for a better future.



Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”

door hardware



Window on the World

Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”

Add architectural interest to any room by hanging old windows as art. For a more custom look, use mirror spray paint to turn a window into a mirror. (BHG)windows

Frame It Up

Flea markets and secondhand shops are rife with vintage artwork. If the art isn’t your style, but the frame is calling your name and the price is right, scoop up the piece and start collecting other frames for the ultimate ensemble. Once you have the perfect mix, hang the frames as is, or unify the display by painting all the frames the same color. (BHG)


Jewelry Case

Turn a vintage printer’s tray into storage for your favorite jewelry and art for your bedroom walls. Paint the case to match your decor and line the cubbies with pretty papers. Screw brass hooks from a hardware store into each compartment. To a make room for necklaces and bracelets, use a hammer to remove a few slats.

Printers tray

Use Family Photos

Turn a blank stairway wall into a display of treasured family photos. Print the pictures in sepia or black and white to give the photo an older feel. Use a variety of image sizes and display inside weathered or antiqued frames. (BHG)

picture frames

Old Doors



Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”

Upcycling is the step before recycling – Re-thinking waste and creating practical, useful and beautiful works from it!

Looking for ideas on how to upcycle old doors?

Call it what you will; ‘Green’,upcycling, recycling, environmentally friendly, etc. but long before the current fashion for re-using materials took over, people have always found new uses for old wood. Providing the timber is still of solid construction and free from wood pests it can be chopped and changed to suit the competent DIYer.


Because of their size, doors  are amongst the best sources of wood for upcycling projects and this article looks at the different options for creating new items of furniture from old doors focusing on preparation and finish.



Antonio Bellusci has the perfect DIYs to turn an old door into a decorative and functional piece for your living room!


For more ideas visit:

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Bringing the past into the present to cherish in the future.”